پینک فلوید - آلبوم ها

پینک فلوید

ماروند (بلوط دور افتاده)

آلبوم ها

البوم های پینک فلوید  در ادامه مطلب

شما میتوانید تمام آلبوم ها را با توضیحات در ادامه مطلب مشاهده کنید

این وبلاگ یه وبلاگ به خصوصه با مخاطبین بخصوص پس با نظراتون ما رو دلگرم کنید


Atom Heart Mother                  

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Delicate Sound of Thunder


The Final Cut


A Momentary Lapse of Reason



Piper at the Gates of Dawn



A Saucerful of Secrets



            Wish You Were Here

The Division Bell

Obscured By      Clouds






The Wall                                                                                                                 

The Division Bell
Pink Floyd's final studio album deals
with the familiar themes of loss and
separation. Musically this album is akin
to pre-Dark Side albums with slow
tempos, sustained keyboard chords,
and guitar solos with a lot of echo.

 A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd returned to the fore of rock
music in 1987, minus Roger Waters,
with A Momentary Lapse of Reason
and one of the biggest rock shows of
the decade.

 The Final Cut
A Requiem for the Post-War Dream by
Roger Waters, performed by PinkFloyd.
Twelve excellent songs on an album
with an undeserved bad reputation.


 The Wall
Pink Floyd's The Wall changed rock
music forever by combining brilliant
songs, a tragic story, grand spectacle
and metaphor all into one monster of
an album.

Animals is a fairly stripped down
version of a Pink Floyd album,
relying heavily on Gilmour's guitar
and Water's voice.


 Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here deals with the
themes of loss and absence,
specifically with the loss of
former frontman Syd Barrett to
psychedelic drugs.

 The Dark Side of the Moon
Dark Side Of The Moon is Pink Floyd's 1973
masterpiece that has sold more than 30
million copies and remained on the charts
for fourteen years.


 Obscured By Clouds
In 1972, Barbet Schroeder commissioned
Pink Floyd to write the soundtrack for
his film La Vallée. The result is
Obscured By Clouds.


According to band members,
Pink Floyd's seventh album, Meddle,
is the album where their music
finally started to come together.


Relics is a greatest hits album bridging
the gap between original leader Syd
Barrett's baroque psychedelic pop-single
bent and the more ponderous musical
pretensions of Roger Waters.

 Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother was a spotlight ahead
for Pink Floyd, showing the extensions
of form the band would engage in so
successfully on Dark Side of the Moon
just a few short years later.

Released in 1969, Ummagumma
represents where the influence of
departed founding songwriter Syd
Barrett began to fade in favor of
the rather less whimsical and
pastoral visions of Roger Waters.

The thirteen tracks on More were
written and recorded for Barbet
Schroeder's 1969 film of
the same name.


 Saucerful of Secrets
A Saucerful of Secrets, shows Pink Floyd
in a transitional period. Psychedelic drugs
got the best of Syd Barrett, and he
abandoned the band to bassist Roger
Waters and new guitarist David Gilmour.

 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Pink Floyd's debut from 1967, featuring
Interstellar Overdrive, See Emily Play,
The Scarecrow and The Gnome.


 Early Singles and Rare Songs
Early singles from 1967-1968,
unreleased rare tracks and alternate
versions of Pink Floyd

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